Prize giving 2018

Today, once we got past the crazy weather it was time for our year 4-6 prize giving.  Each class is given 7 awards to celebrate our kids and all their hard work.  I would also like to acknowledge the rest of our class who also worked tirelessly to make gains in their learning and their work ethic.  I look forward to them pushing themselves next year to grow more and to work more.  The competition for next year will be very fierce!  These children are a testament to themselves but also their whanau.  I wish them all the best for the future!

Academic excellence:  Ixia Tamara
Most improved:  Kitana Tamihana-Manukau
Pride:  Peni Kautai
Respect:  Lupe McDonald
Integrity:  Madison Brace
Determination:  Deekon Harris
Empathy:  Shamah Vitale

We are truly honoured in our class to have the head boy for 2019 come from our class.  Peni Kautai is an exemplary student who I feel goes above and beyond in all he does.  He has leadership qualities that will grow with time.  He cares about his fellow students and always tries to be a great role model.  He is always willing to give anything a go and always tries his best.  Peni will lead with Edrian as his deputy.  The head girl is Roslyn and her deputy is Anakiu.

Peni was a runner up in the year 5 Academic and Attitude award, the Pride Values cup award and the Performing Arts award.

We also had Ryley Swatton come 3rd in the year 5/6 speech finals and he was also a runner up in the year 5 Maths excellence award.

Madison Brace was a runner up in our school citizenship award.

As we wrap up the year I feel really blessed to have been the teacher in Whakapono 21.  I do this job because I want to see children succeed and be the best independent version of themselves they can be by working hard.  This gift I received from Peni and his whanau will be treasured by me forever!