Digital Ignite with Alfie

03 September 2018

At Rowandale School we are very lucky to welcome Alfie who is part of the Digital Ignite, Mapura Matikito team.  Digital Ignite deliver STEAM lessons to children all over Aotearoa.  STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Maths.  

We are very fortunate in #Whakapono21 that on Monday we were able to learn about an app called Makers Empire and 3D printing .  The app called Makers Empire can be downloaded onto your phone, ipad or device at home.  The app helps children to design different things.  Once you have designed your product on Makers Empire you can then print it on a 3D printer.  The students were really astounded by what they could do with a 3D printer. 

Today the task was to design a shoe.  The kids were amazed by what they could do on Makers Empire.  They could literally make exactly what they wanted the shoe to look like.  If you liked stars you could just put stars on it.  We have all started our shoe and on Monday it was all about playing around with different shapes and lines and how to make a hole in our shoe for our foot.  I look forward to watching the journey of their own shoe.

Ask your children questions about what they did at Digital Ignite.  You will be amazed with what they have to say! 


  1. Thank you #Whakapono23 for sharing about your experience with #DigitalIgnite and learning about #STEAM

    1. hi Mr Vasau I think you meant Whakapono 21, I just think?

  2. tena koe whaea for making allowing your class to be part of this journey


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