Week 7

What a week it has been, on Monday I started my day with Peni bringing in his medals from his Athletics meet in Papakura.  He was lucky to win a gold and two bronze.  I am very proud of Peni, he always puts himself out there and gives everything a go.

We were also super lucky enough to receive free ice blocks from a lovely grandmother from our school who works for Tip Top.  It was a great surprise and the kids really enjoyed it!

We have been trying to get better at counting in halves in Maths.  The kids love our new game that we started learning last week.  As soon as I say to get in a circle they become excited as.  Next week I will post another video of us playing Fraction 21 but this time we will try to count backwards.  I know the kids will be unsure at first but I’m sure they will figure it out.

Lastly, it was our turn this week to use the pool.  The kids have been excited all week and were praying for no rain.  We first went through the rules and safety around the pool.  

Next we entered the pool safely and then split into the three groups from Term 1.  One group swam laps and worked on their technique in breathing, kicking and freestyle stroke.  The next group worked on picking things up off the pool floor and floating on their back.  The last group worked on floating like a starfish and then flipping over to their stomach and vice versa and using the flip boards.  We then all came together and had some friendly races.  It was a really cool to get into the pool.  

I was super stoked that only three left their togs behind but hopefully they won’t next time.  A reminder that we will be swimming next on Monday the 10th of December.