Week 6 - Pepeha practise

Update from week 4 - Whakapono21 have been pushing themselves to learn the pepeha.  It has been challenging with pronunciation but the children have really out done themselves and most have nearly nailed it.  We may need to work on speaking a little louder and clearer but in the grand scheme of things I am very proud of them all.  To stand in front of a class and speak English is hard enough but to stand and speak Māori is even harder.  It does my heart good as a teacher to hear my kids speak Māori but to also hear my kids offer to go first and just having that confidence that they can do it.  Here is a video of our class today saying the pepeha.  Six weeks a go they had never known this pepeha and as I have said I feel they have done a great job so far.


  1. Tino Pai #Whakapono21 for your amazing effort with mastering your Pepeha ... thank you for acknowledging the importance of this Maori custom at @RowandaleSchool


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